Beautiful Desert tours from Casablanca destinations

With our tours, Casablanca, the economical city is an admired place to visit. Therefore, there are many locations that we will discover. To start with, the most and the main location is the mosque of Hassan II, it’s the only one in Morocco where no Muslims are allowed to enter.

Secondly, the corniche of Ain Diab, the seaside where locals walk and where luxurious hotels, roads, and restaurants. Furthermore, there is also a bar and a restaurant called Rick’s Café, it’s where they made the famous movie Casablanca.

With our beautiful desert tours from Casablanca, you will explore the capital city of Rabat.

With our tours from Casablanca, we will take you to discover the capital city of Rabat. Here, there are many attractions to see.

To start with, the Hassan Tower or Tour is the minaret of an incomplete mosque that was intended to be the largest in the world.

Yusuf Yaqub Al Mansur wanted to commission it to reach 86 m but as it’s incomplete, it’s only 44 m now. Next, we will visit Les Oudayas, it’s a Kasbah near the old Medina. Moreover, we will explore Chellah or Shalla, the medieval fortified Muslim necropolis.

Desert tours from Casablanca across Tangier

Tangier is also one of the best destinations you will visit with our tours from Casablanca. For that reason, there are many attractions that we will discover.

Firstly, we will enter the archaeological cave where Hercules rested, it’s located in Cape Spartel, and the opening is shaped like the African map.

Secondly, Tangier is also famous for the American Legacy Museum, which commemorates the strong relationship between Morocco and the US.

Also, it’s the first property of the USA outside its country. Thirdly, we will pass by the ocean to visit Cape Spartel’s mosque, a promontory about 12 from the center of Tangier. Finally, we will have a walk in the souq of the old Medina.

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